Live-Stream Presentations

The Benefits of Live-Stream Presentation


Save travel and accommodation related costs

Save the Planet

Reduce carbon footprint by limiting travel plans

Global Reach

Increase the visibility of your research by presenting to an international audience

Bridging Audiences

Share your ideas online, take questions, and receive feedback from audience members


Get the same benefits as if presented in-person but with less time-investment

Additional Benefits


Present to an international audience, and receive a certificate of presentation

Engage with audience members through Q&A sessions

Get feedback from your peers in the audience


Publish your Final Paper in the Conference Proceedings, indexed with an ISSN

Have your paper listed, indexed, and searchable online in the IAFOR’s Research Archive

Have your name published in the Conference Programme as a presenter


Share, comment and discuss your presentation with peers from around the world

Participate in plenary presentations and special sessions via live-stream

Join us at ECE via Live-Stream!

Many people around the world are moving meetings, classrooms and events online, and IAFOR is now offering the option to present online, via Zoom. This is an exciting new opportunity for scholars around the world to engage with an international audience without the need to travel.

Live-stream presentations give speakers the opportunity to avoid expenses and time required to travel, reduce their carbon footprint, and share ideas online. Additionally, many of the same benefits enjoyed by presenters at traditional in-person conferences are also available to online presenters, including presenting one’s work to an international audience and engaging in Q&A, publishing in the Conference Proceedings, and participating in discussions with other scholars around the world.

In addition to Live-stream Presentations via Zoom, IAFOR also offers a pre-recorded Virtual Presentation option. Click here to learn more about Virtual Presentation.

The Live-Stream Presentation Process

To present your research at the conference as a Live-Stream Presenter, your abstract must first pass double-blind peer review.
If accepted for presentation at the conference, IAFOR invites authors to register, participate and publish in the following way:

  1. Register as a Live-Stream Presenter on the conference website. Upon payment of the registration fee, your attendance at the conference will be confirmed.
  2. Watch the Demo Video, download the Zoom app, and join a test meeting.
  3. Before the conference, we will send you a link to join your session and send you information on how to watch the live plenary session.
  4. Participate online by watching the dedicated live stream and by joining dedicated online conference sessions.
  5. Present and participate in your scheduled live-stream session
  6. You are invited to submit your Final Paper to the Conference Proceedings (optional), which are archived and made publicly available on the IAFOR Research Archive, and indexed with an ISSN.
  7. You will then be sent a PDF copy of your Certificate of Presentation.

Tips on Giving an Online Presentation

10 Tips for Presenting Online

How to Make it More Interactive

How to Share your Files

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