IAFOR Events App

The IAFOR Events app includes details of all registered presentations for The European Conference on Education, including presentation titles, author information and full abstracts.

Once downloaded to a device, the IAFOR Events app does not require an internet connection.

The app is available to Apple users on the App Store and to Android users on Google Play. To find it, search for "IAFOR Events".

You can also browse abstracts of all papers scheduled to be presented at The European Conference on Education on IAFOR's online paper archive.

IAFOR App on Apple Store

IAFOR App on Google Play

How to Use the App


Use the search bar at the top of the screen to find a specific abstract. When performing a search, the app will search titles, author names and streams.

1 How to use the IAFOR app


The list of abstracts may be sorted alphabetically by abstract title, author or streams.

To sort, simply press “Sort by” under the search bar, then press the desired sorting method.

Abstracts in a specific stream may be viewed by pressing “Stream”, and then pressing the desired stream.

2 How to use the IAFOR app

Reading an Abstract

To read more about a specific abstract in the list, press the abstract title and a pop-up will display more information.

Press “Go back” at the top of the screen to go back to the list of abstracts.

3 How to use the IAFOR app

Add to Favourites

To mark an abstract so that you can easily find it later, simply press “Add to favourites”.

To remove an abstract that you have previously selected as a favourite, press “Remove from favourites”, which is located in the same place as “Add to favourites”.

4 How to use the IAFOR app

To find abstracts previously selected as "Favourites", press “Favourites” at the top of the screen. To go back and view all abstracts again, press “All”, also at the top of the screen.

5 How to use the IAFOR app